Bacteria Shapes

Bacteria are single-celled organism. They don’t have nucleus or membrane organelles, although some have plasmid, an extra circle of genetic material. It gives bacteria a greater advantage over other bacteria such as resistance to particular type of antibiotic. They are…

Dissolvable Stitches

Stitches play a huge role in any surgical procedures, be it a surgeon, dentist, or veterinarians. Stitches are made to close up cuts, gashes, and surgical incisions. There are different types of stitches, but most surgeons use dissolvable stitches or…

Orange Diarrhea

The color of the stool says something about a person’s health. The stool comes in different colors and it is surprising to see something out of the ordinary. However, what is considered normal stool color can be unique to every…

Swollen Ear lobe

Swollen ear love is the enlargement and inflammation of the earlobe. There are many reasons why the earlobe gets swollen. The severity of the condition depends on the root cause of the problem. Sometimes the swelling can affect a particular…

Slipping Rib Syndrome

Ribs are flat, thin bones that make up the ribcage (together with the sternum). They play a vital role in the body. The ribs provide protection for important organs in the upper body, especially the heart and lungs. They also…

Sotos Syndrome

What is Sotos syndrome? It is an extremely rare genetic condition characterized by distinctive physical appearance, learning disabilities, and developmental delay. The Sotos syndrome symptoms vary depending on the age group. It is also known as Sotos Sequence and cerebral…


What is infantigo? It is a bacterial infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus. It affects both adult and children, men and women. The other term for infantigo is impetigo. Infantigo is usually the term used for infection in infants and children….

Mosaic Down syndrome

What is Mosaic down syndrome It is a mixture of two types of cells. Many people have 46 chromosomes while others have 47, which means they have extra chromosomes 21. Mosaic down syndrome is also known as mosaicism Down syndrome….

Bumps on Elbows

Have you notice a bump on your elbow? Having an unusual bump on the elbow can be very alarming, especially if it is itchy and painful. There are a variety of reasons why you have a bump on your elbow….

Bruised Toenail

A bruised toenail is usually not a cause of concern. Once in a while people bruised their toenail and there are a multitude of reasons for that. However, a bruised toenail that gets infected can lead to serious medical complications….

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